An infographic on health

Living A Healthy Lifestyle Keeps The Symptoms Away

I am an aspiring new model and this summer photo shoot contract that I got is a make or break for my career. I am a twenty six year old lady that stands six feet three inches tall, I would say that I have a well defined body although I felt that I still have a bit flab on my hips.

 I have been working out very hard in the gym for the past few weeks but I guess the problem zones could not be worked out overnight. I have noticed in the locker that one of the very toned fit girl there whose working out with me was taking some tablets before heading out to workout. So while we are lifting weights, we had a small talk during breaks and was able to ask him what routine is the into or some diet thingy I suppose. Oh, she told me that she has Type 2 diabetes symptoms, and has been taking some maintenance as she goes with her lifestyle modification until it is controlled. Well,

 I think I have to watch out of what I eat and also my lifestyle to keep me and my body away from it. So I have to keep my daily healthy meal plan and also my exercise routines as well. In a few weeks of regularly following each step, I got good results and now I am ready for my photo shoot. As we are in the studio with the director and photographer, artists and some other models as well, my tight and well defined body gave me a different confidence and luster as I easily stand out among the group and even the director noticed it immediately and told the photographer to do some solo shots for me.